Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mushroom Clouds and Schooly Skies

 I realize it’s Tuesday, but I didn’t post yesterday… or anything in the last 3 weeks, so here we go. Anyway, fear not, because I am still alive and kicking, and the content will be coming very soon to a computer monitor near you. Just a few updates though. It’s now August 17, which means that I started school again yesterday, and that I failed my summer gaming challenge. Just because I failed though, doesn’t mean that I won’t continue working on it. In fact, I’m working my way through Fallout 3 right now.

With school comes great responsibility, but this blog will still function normally… better actually. Last Monday I started a lifestyle change. I started eating right and exercising. I know right? I won’t be a preacher, so that’s all I’m going to say with that. However, I also made the commitment to regularly update my blog. So, starting today you can expect updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This was supposed to take effect last week, but I got side tracked with courting a lass.

In tabletop news, I won’t be DMing a Deathwatch campaign right now, because two of my would be players haven’t read the rules yet. I still really want to play Deathwatch, but that looks to be difficult currently. In place of that, I will be DMing a D&D campaign instead. My friend, Kurt, has been DMing our main campaign, as well as the side campaign, and really wants to play a character. He plays a character in our side campaign, but he can’t really do anything without undermining his DM stuff. To thank him for all of his hard work, I’ll be taking over DM duties for a side campaign of my own design once the current one is finished. This will most likely happen next week, and I’ve already started fleshing out the campaign. I’m aiming for a light-hearted tone with my campaign. I really only want it to be half-serious, and more on the comedy side. I plan to fill it with many pop culture references, taking most of my inspiration from video games and movies.

Speaking of movies, if you haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World yet, go do that. Right now! What? You’re still reading this? GO SEE THE DAMN MOVIE!
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Work in Progress

Work in Progress
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WIP Automarine Test
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