Sunday, July 4, 2010

D&D: Session 1 Log: Pt 1

Players from left to right
Turok: Dragonborn Cleric (Top)
Quatre: Human Druid
Alantin: Changeling Warlock
Wergild: Gnoll Fighter
Erdan: Half-Elf Sorcerer
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Note: I couldn't find the record button on Ventrillo, so I had to write physical notes as the session played out. So I had to pretty much wing it and make up the dialogue and such. The combat also sketchy, because being a new player, it took me a bit to get the hang of my actions and how to roll what, which forbade me from taking notes. Just take this write up for what you will, but I promise it will get better since I have the rest of the sessions recorded, thus they will be more accurate. Anyway...

It was a bright and sunny day in Ebelard as the party was gathered in the middle of the street, discussing various matters when they heard a commotion behind them. Before they could even turn around, a scraggily man covered in rags bumped into them and rushed past.

 A guard shouted, “Stop, Thief!” The guard stopped in front of the party, panting heavily. “I am Officer Garret of the Ebelard Watch. You look like capable men, would you do this city a huge favor and help me catch that man? His name is Dinkus, and he does nothing but cause problems in this town. Just now, he’s stolen a rather important missive that must be recovered.  I would do this myself, but I currently have few guards on hand.”

Raising an eyebrow with curiosity, “What would be our incentive?” asked Alantin with a sly grin.

Officer Garret chuckled, “First, you should check your pockets.”

Everyone except Alantin was missing their gold pouch on their belt. (Failed Thievery Check).

“You’ll get your revenge, as well as a reward if you succeed. If there’s nothing else, I will lead you to the sewers now where Dinkus hides.”
The group agreed to do this favor for Officer Garret, and he led them down into the Ebelard sewers. Dim lit torches lined the grime encrusted walls of the sewer, revealing the walkway, and a river of sickly green water ran through the sewer on the left. The travelers walked cautiously through the dank sewers, staying close to the torches on the wall. It wasn’t too long until the party came upon a wooden door. Deciding that the door might be booby trapped, Alantin casted an Eldritch Blast, violently exploding the door into splinters as the bolt of dark, crackling Eldritch energy collided with it. The room beyond was pitch black, so Alantin cracked a Sunrod, shedding bright light. Upon entering the room, four Dire Rats that were the size of small dogs crept out of the shadows.

“You came to the wrong nest, you have,” yelled Dirkus from out of sight. “You’ll only find pain and suffering here… Get them, my beauties!”

Upon command, the rats scurried forward to attack. Most of the rat’s attacks were futile as they missed. Alantin however, suffered a vicious bite, contracting Filth Fever. Wergild mightily swung his weapon at a lone rat, but the rat proved to be faster as it dodged the attack. In frustration, Wergild flipped off the vile creature. With the help of Erdan’s magic, Turok smited a rat with his broadsword, branding it with a ghostly, glowing symbol of Shelnedok’s anger. Another foe fell to the powerful magic of Alantin, and another from the blows of Quatre. The remaining rat attacked with desperate vigor, wounding Erdan as sharp and pestilent teeth sunk into his flesh. It was the combined efforts of the other party member’s that dispatched the last remaining rat.
As the ensemble took a moment to catch their breath, Dinkus’ shouts echoed nearby, “You’ll pay for that, you will! Dinkus will surely kill you!”

Realizing that Dinkus was just out of range, the band gave chase and dashed through the grimy sewer. After a stretch of running, Dinkus rounded a right corner. Everyone but Turok managed to quickly correct for the change in direction. Turok however, was caught by surprise by the turn and fell into the slimy drink. (Botched athletic roll). The rest of the party raced on, hot on the trail of Dinkus. Soon, Dinkus turned sharply around another corner, catching Erdan and Werguild off guard as they stumbled a bit, slowing them down. (Failed athletic roll).
Since Dinkus knew the sewers so well, he began to pull ahead of the group, beyond their sight, but within hearing distance. As Dinkus’ feet pounded against the pavement, Alantin honed in on Dinkus’ position and quickly cast an Eldritch Blast, sending a bolt of crackling energy into the darkness ahead. Dinkus’ screams of pain echoed loudly through the sewer, as the blast seared his flesh. (Alantin rolled a critical perception roll).

With Turok, Erdan, and Werguild still trailing behind, Alantin and Quatre heard the clicking of a mechanism up ahead, the sound of a lever being pulled. In the corner of their eyes, Alantin and Quatre just noticed a large valve pipe off to their left. (Successful perception roll). They skidded to a halt as slimy and foul smelling sewage spewed across the hall in front of them like a horizontal geyser.As the valve emptied, Alantin and Quatre quickly crossed in front of the valve, but then they heard another clicking sound, and another valve on the left gushed. This process repeated itself a third time, until there were no more valves blocking their path.

Dinkus then came into view as Alantin’s sunrod bathed him in bright light. With a look of horror, Dinkus turned and ran through a door way, trying to quickly close the metal door, but Quatre heaved his weight into the door before it could be shut. (Successful dexterity check). Locked in a stalemate of strength, the door slightly wavered back and forth as Quatre and Dinkus fought over the door’s position. Having now caught up, Turok charged into the door, turning the tide as the metal door swung open, clanging as it smashed into the sewer wall. (Successful strength check).

A few meters ahead, there was a pair of double metal doors and a passage that went off to the right. From behind the double doors, Dinkus shouted, “You has made it this far, enter if you dare, you will!”

To be continued…


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